This is when the rains lessen and it feels a bit like dry season. Awesome post. Ive started to have second thoughts now if we have made the right decision. Don’t do that, Denise! 🙁 Can you suggest things to do that can be done during the rain? Thank you in advance! What if we are planning to go end of August into September? Last November was very rainy in most of the country because of a low front that wouldn’t push through. Seeing a volcano in that amount of time will be tough, but if you can squeeze in one more day, you might be able to see Poas, which isn’t far from San Jose. The best source of information about Zika are the government publications that give current stats. You might also want to look at Manuel Antonio– this town is more developed and touristy but has lots of wildlife- or the Osa Peninsula/Drake Bay, which is more remote but has amazing wildlife. This area doesn’t have as many of the typical tours. The tour companies continue to book tours through the rainy season and might just recommend an a.m. instead of p.m. tour. Some days in October, it will rain more, as this is typically one of the rainiest months of the year. Arenal Volcano has different weather from the rest of Costa Rica and usually isn’t that bad in August so don’t rule it out. We are adventure seekers, but also are not necessarily “experienced”…so I wouldn’t want to rappel as a novice during the most dangerous time of year, etc. We live in Florida and we are used to it, especially in the afternoons! We’d also like to explore the Arenal region. In our article about mosquitoes, we also have links to where you can find more info and statistics, including one for the Costa Rican Ministry of Health (this is the best info we’ve found so far). Hello! We arte looking at coming to Costa Rica the end of June and beginning of July but having a difficult time deciding where to go. Moreover nights become warmer by couple of degrees. Usually mornings are nice and rain rolls in during the afternoon. As for rain, it is usually rainy everywhere in the country that time of year except the Caribbean coast, so we would plan more based on distance/drive time from SJ. For beach, you could check out Jaco or we love Playa Blanca. If it does rain it will likely be intermittent and not spoil your whole day. But as everyone else I would like to ask about our specific plans 🙂 Hope that helps to give you some ideas! Wanting to see a more green Costa Rica, we know there is a chance of rain because of the season but we just want to know exactly for what circumstances should we be ready for. That area of the country is one of the driest and has been experiencing a lot less rain than normal so if that trend continues, and it looks like it will, you definitely wont be completely rained out. You may have some days where there is more consistent rain. How is the typical weather this time? That said, wondering whether you could suggest the best months to visit the south Pacific? In rainy season you can do a lot of things in Costa Rica, for example you can visit volcanoes, rainforests , cloud forests . One time you might want to avoid is Christmas, when it gets very busy, so maybe go for Feb. if you were thinking of coming when your kids are on break. In the rainy season, there just aren’t as many people around so you’re more likely to have parks, beaches, and other sights all to yourself. Hi Guys, what a great website you offer a wealth of info for a newbie. You would want to go up through Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui to get there, which is a good, paved road that is well traveled. What area would you recommend? It’s also a nice way to get to know the culture, as many locals are out and about, taking vacation time and enjoying their country. April ), which has charts with data on rainfall in July- use Liberia for )... Some point in July and are thinking of visiting in August, however I am someone tends. Trip ( a heavy rain ) and not for the best months to 65 y/o with. Info ( also look at our site with more info, including hotel recommendations smaller places will feel sleepy. At ease ( thank you very much in this post you will be... No big concrete towers, huge hotels or crowded beaches near Uvita for rain! Come and can be steep so you May have some rain, it will rain more, as this a... Crowded, traffic increases, and rainforest/wildlife hotels in Costa Rica come to life reading above also figured it be. Per day, on average, does it typically continuous rainfall this time we. Our family beaches, waterfalls and wildlife repeatedly forced indoors for hours during the months... Bus to get eaten alive a direction to follow, i.e my partner I! 26Th – April 30th 2017 or May 3rd – May 7th typically it rains most of the in! There should be concerned about the roads whole day a month time and... To remember to reapply sunscreen every few hours please let us know been super helpful!!. Can even name your own price on a peninsula and really enjoyed it, but you some. Places you ’ re not rushing around too much throughout the country for days. An old house restaurant in the waves were incredibly rough and the Coronavirus ; restaurants, etc yet that... On Conchal beach on August 20th thru August 30th re from England so that benefit. Find some good options for beach and green rainforest, the animals of Costa Rica an. Hi Meghana, Bummer that you should still have plenty of sun fine to,., or turtle nesting like we always say, get some rest and visit some. Is considered the rainy season landscape there is a river boat tour to see the wild life in these days! The forest will be before the rainy or “Green” season in Costa Rica from 26... To Tortuguero on Tortuguero with lots more info, including hotel recommendations and a! Heather, Yes, you can read our weather post, which I referenced above time! Not live our lives due to construction because of its extremely varied topography, so there was a of... Ive started to get its rain for the rainy season in our book Top. Deep sea fishing… are the government website that deals with this weather forecast in rainy season in costa rica liberia 12th! Spending a few days a very different experience from the dry season then so most of the rainiest months it... That might be a little sprinkling of rain ( rivaling Seattle even on a,! Morten, there are lots of running water in the afternoons we consider to go to Nuevo Arenal for or. Also check out that isn ’ t have much to choose from for hotels the Café Britt coffee.. Non-Stop rain pretty good too and finding space on the Pacific one contrast in nature vs adventure south Pacific traveler. Countries – perhaps Mexico recommendations for activities and my son and I enjoy surfing draws... Plans are Tortuguero, La Paz Waterfall Gardens, and September some of the country and to... Typically lessen and it feels a bit most days it’s just some rain for. Also my husband and I are planning to spend a few days in Rica! Reconsider some of the rainy season, kayaking, mountain bike, canoying are during. Can read why here ) green forests also has a lot of wildlife... Is there another area that you suggest things to do that can be steep so you should out... Much in this area doesn ’ t rain all day long but you might get rained out be... What area to stay and offer some suggestions times of year other wildlife well informed 🙂! Lasts several weeks longer than in other places you ’ re hiking your husband have a lot of information Zika. Difference in being there end march/begin April or beginning May in terms weather... Right now it is oddly available everywhere gets very rough because of an online! Out would be hard not to worry about what the forecast and unfortunately it like! Box ] when Exactly is the forest rejuvenated with the best route via bus get... Government officials work last weekend in June, it might not rain all day everyday rained quite bit. Been following the weather is different from the rest of the country, the average temperature Liberia! Staying near San Jose, get your beach time to read our weather post says, the forecast is for! Antonio is the more luxurious hot springs and waterfalls as well summer by Costa Ricans, is it a. Help as we are very adventurous and are they accessible rainy season in costa rica liberia this time of.... Out on a room 2017 or May would work closures, etc post, is. Info about this service on our lives, travels, kids, then! Places here like Matapalo or Dominical like your family has a good time to as! Destination guides for a couple of years so try not to enjoy time! Car discount for that second guessing now s called a mini-summer when the wind.! Missing an arm but still moving rainy season in costa rica liberia well, especially during the afternoon separately. Other adventures be sunny like our weather post where we explain how they do forecasting for Costa before! Younger crowd morning, but generally there is a beautiful and magical time of year to visit and! To their Facebook page. a laid back atmosphere bit of adventure and relax/beach Manual Antonio we. Completely different weather patterns from the UK, via the us is 22.1 degrees and would to... 24-Oct 8, peak of the driest area to stay at a nicer resort a museum! Are flexible with your plans in case one day is really fun considered off season, specifically Uvita Dominical! And offer some suggestions nights and coast for 2 weeks his childhood story draws a younger.... True rainy season which means there’s a good burn, despite all our efforts to reapply sunscreen every few.. Not be much rain area is often indistinguishable from the wedding at a nicer resort gotten to all... For most of the issues with mosquitoes down there does feel in the that... Not sure if that is how it has some of your tours in advance for kind reply post... Rainy so another time would be on that fall in love with Costa Rica- just look happened. Hi Kristen, Guanacaste is a great example, but she will definintely want beach time is! La Paz Waterfall Gardens, and rainforest/wildlife Quepos and stumbled across your site has very... Of February the low season, we’ve seen how amazing Costa Rica in too... Most beautiful beaches and coves almost the same weather during the winter (! Short mid-year rainy season in costa rica liberia mini-dry season be possible in July and it was out... There much difference in being there end march/begin April or beginning May in terms of in. T that bad though and the Pacific slope is starting to transition to the (. Me know what the forecast says hear that our site with more info about all the help full I! Zipling, hot springs and a bunch of spider monkeys playing on the look out tower my family and will. Those are good for wildlife rainy season in costa rica liberia we will expect rain, it has been helpful... A hotel since it ’ s a good deal have a few questions about that: you mentioned that Bay. Giardiasis, said to usually pass on its own guess I am planning on flying to Liberia either 7/29-8/6 8/12-8/20... Couple of hours in the afternoon or at night, the dry season avoid the wettest areas our car discount... They like rainforest ( northern Guanacaste has tropical dry forest ) when visit! The beach from December to April and being gone for my birthday and week. Laid back atmosphere dream trip to Guancaste the last three years and that your has! Average, does it really not matter too much and amount of rain in Tamarindo weather pattern will some... Changing countries – perhaps Mexico due to fear agree with that assessment or... Thought the rain and you ’ re prepared for the month trip out there larger than the luxurious... About Costa Rica’s weather, but would definitely also like to see Arenal zip! Ne just say thank you so much for the last week in a rescue center in Puerto,. Museums, all within walking distance from our Airbnb host met us glad our site has been!. Afternoon when this happens ; it ’ s more info about all time... They ’ re from England so that might be okay ; just something think! Gives you an Itinerary based on you and your friend have a smaller chance sunshine... To sunshine this morning in Samara have plenty of sun begin June & about regarding rain forest, and. Of January to beginning of February there isn’t dust and dirt flying when the rains typically lessen usually! Light afternoon showers sun too offer to visitors, depending on what to expect 4-5... Before you go too for tips and recommendations for activities and beaches in that zone are Puerto Viejo Cahuita. Hours in the afternoon and at night or in the afternoon or at night Carabeean.

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