Photoshop Mix uses cloud computing to put high-octane features like content-aware fill in an easy-to-use, touch-friendly iPad interface. The upside to Slide is that it takes the frustration out of drawing straight and curved lines, as well as geometric shapes, out of the mix. To take advantage of Ink's ability to copy content from your art from one app to another -- or even to another iPad -- you'll need a Creative Cloud account. It includes a small handful of brushes: two pencils, two ink pens, two markers, and an eraser. Adobe is finally making its first venture in to the hardware market, and it's doing so with the highly anticipated stylus and ruler combo it first teased a year ago. The gap between my stylus tip and lines was a good 3mm, which is significant. Exporting is a critical feature in any art-related app, so I'm glad to see Adobe embracing so many options. Adobe is gunning to be the Apple of the stylus market, and they're off to a great start. Along with its cool look and feel, it includes a magnetic charging base. Exporting your artwork from Line and Sketch is fairly simple: just tap the export button and choose how you want to share your file. Adobe developed two new iPad-only apps alongside Ink and Slide, called Adobe Sketch and Adobe Line, with each iteration of the hardware affecting the software’s design and vice versa. When I copied on my iPad Air and pasted on my first generation non-Retina iPad mini, however, the copy failed. The constant requirement to re-login, however, doesn't make for a user friendly experience. That combo, Ink and Slide, work together to turn your iPad into a full-on art tablet, but not like any stylus that's come before. Adobe’s most recent venture into the hardware business has turned out a new duo of creative tools for mobile artists — Adobe Ink, a pressure-sensitive stylus, and Adobe Slide, a digital ‘ruler’ for precision shapes. I have plenty of complaints about Line and Sketch, but overall I'm pleased with both apps -- especially considering they're version 1 releases. Contributor, In fact, your Creative Cloud account (including a free account) is actually tied to the Bluetooth Ink stylus itself. That's purely subjective, so be sure to give both a fair shake. Find out more about Adobe Ink and Slide over at Adobe. The real test is whether or not I'll keep using Ink and Slide, and the answer to that is yes. The pair are durable and I'm not worried about either breaking in my bag, especially with Adobe's smart move to include a carrying tube for Ink. So by now even the original Adobe apps that the Ink & Slide is designed for are not compatible with this product. While I'm more of a free form drawing kind of guy I found myself going back to Lines more often simply because I felt I had more control over the drawing tools. It's great for protecting your Ink while it bounces around in your computer bag and it looks good, too. They're short and well done, and Adobe even went so far as to list the time stamps for each new topic in all of the videos. Ink and Slide were designed alongside two of Adobe's new iPad-only apps, the free-form drawing app Sketch and the vector-drawing app Line. But you can also lay down shapes, quickly add perspective to your drawings, get feedback from other creatives through the integrated Behance network, and of course save your assets, files, and color swatches up to your Creative Cloud account, so they’re accessible from the other CC apps. It helps, but wasn't a perfect fix for the issue. We dive much deeper in our full review. It’s free for iPads, available immediately. Ink and Slide are Adobe's first attempt at hardware, and it's clear the company spent a great deal of time working out how to make the best stylus they could. Another great feature in Photoshop Mix is the ability to apply "looks" to only certain parts of an image. Find out more about Adobe Ink and Slide over at Adobe. Adobe's stylus concept quickly caught the attention of designers looking for something that better brought real world drawing and painting to the tablet screen, and with Ink and Slide it looks like the company is delivering -- at least to a point. Along with helping you draw straight lines, it lets you draw perfect squares, circles and triangles, create bezier curves, draw on or stamp with built-in stencils, and find intersection points in perspective drawings. Stylus tip feels like plastic on glass. Placed images can be resized and rotated, too. Photoshop Mix was built with Adobe Creative SDK, new tools for mobile developers to connect their apps to Creative Cloud and put Adobe’s digital imaging technology into mobile apps, all for free. Photoshop Mix, Sketch, and Line are iPad-only to start, but Adobe might bring them to other platforms later on. TechHive |. Instead, it works much like an extra set of fingers tapping and swiping in apps for you. Ink's stylus tip is only 3.18mm across and tapers to an even smaller point. Despite the frustration I experienced with cross-device copy and paste, Lines turned out to be a versatile app. Single-app plans start at $20/month and full suite plans start at $50/month. My biggest complaint about Ink is that the tip is significantly offset from where you're actually drawing. Like Line, Sketch includes a limited tool set: a graphite pencil, a pen, two markers, and an eraser. Holding Ink is an absolute pleasure. Imported images can be placed on a background layer so they remain untouched, and you can change the layer's opacity to make photos disappear so all you see is your drawing. Routine re-logins for Creative Cloud are a big annoyance. The "Get Feedback" option sends your art to Behance where you can solicit comments, "Copy Image to Creative Cloud" sends your file to your Creative Cloud account, and "Share" brings up iOS 7's built-in options such as AirDrop, text message, Mail and print. The stylus is rechargeable and offers about eight hours use before it's time to juice up again. Adobe’s new Ink smart pen and Slide … We still aren't to a place where fine point tips feel like pencil or pen on paper, but we're getting much closer with Ink. You can also tag items you've drawn as favorites so they're always loaded in your Ink and ready to use. I also noticed in-app copying grabbed from the top layer only and didn't include the background. The shape makes Ink surprisingly comfortable to hold in either hand, and Adobe even took into consideration that not everyone in the world is right-handed. Line supports importing images from your iPad's built-in camera or from your saved photos, which is handy if you want to trace, and can make for cool effects if you want to include a pic in your drawing. Adobe rolls out updates to the different areas of Creative Cloud (digital imaging or video tools, for example) periodically, but for the launch of Ink and Slide, the company decided to refresh the entire suite at once. Besides the new iPad-only apps, Adobe is updating all 14 of its cross-platform Creative Cloud apps for Mac and Windows. After revamping its boxed Creative Suite software into cloud-connected, subscription-based, regularly updated Creative Cloud, Adobe has set itself up to respond more quickly to the fast-changing industries it serves. Line's simplicity is one of its greatest assets. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. I expect both will improve over time and will turn into go-to apps for plenty of artists and designers. Ink connects to your iPad via Bluetooth 4.0 LE. Both Line and Sketch really show off Ink and Slide's power because you can use the two devices together, and you can take advantage of Ink's ability to copy content and place it in a different drawing, or even jump to a different iPad and place the content there. + ad_rnd + '"><\/sc' + 'ript>'); On one hand, I was surprised Adobe didn't offer support for saving images to other online services such as Dropbox or Google Drive. So we're left with Adonit, the original manufacture of the Ink & Slide. The smaller tip also means it's easier to see what you're working on because the stylus doesn't obscure your view. But Lightroom can also edit Raw files, even on mobile, and all of your images and edits sync across devices and are also available online at It really does have a Paper feel, although not so much that I'm ready to give it up. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'macobserver_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_2',116,'0','0'])); Ink is a sleek looking stylus with a triangular-shaped aluminum body that twists along the shaft. You can adjust each tool's size, opacity and color, so they do offer some versatility. For example, as cool as the Slide is, you need two hands to use it—one for the Slide and one to hold the pen. So Adobe added a purely digital version of the Slide into the Adobe Line app, called Touch Slide. Adobe paid attention to the little details with Ink. What do the two shortcut buttons on the Ink do? Leave a comment. Both are Adobe Creative Cloud enabled to allow access to your cloud-stored clipboard and color swatches and work with a handful of creative apps. That's a big omission considering the app is all about lines, and I'm betting plenty of Ink and Slide users want to move their art from the iPad into Illustrator. People who otherwise would just give up can draw without feeling like they simply aren't capable, and more advanced artists get a new level of precision they haven't had before on the iPad.

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