Though the skunk comes in handy when Donald gets a swarm of bees angry. Pete and Butch plan to pose as the Haunted Hot Rod's ghost driver in order to win the Jack-o'-lantern filled with candy. The Roadster Racers load their racers on to the Rolling Roadster Rumbler for their trip to Kielbasa County for the Flash and Dash car show. 0.

Chip and Dale accidentally ruin all of the flowers in Minnie and Daisy's garden; luckily, the chipmunks discover a way to use butterflies to save the garden.

As Minnie, Daisy, and Cuckoo Loca work to help Pete set up the Halloween Party, they are stalked by three ghosts named Mugsy, Slip, and Earl that reside at the haunted house. They watch the pets at the Snoozy Doozy where it has a lack of customers as Mr. Doozy doesn't know how to treat his pet customers. After splashing Clarabelle's Valentine's Day dress with mud, Chip and Dale take her to the laundromat; while there, they accidentally create a tidal-bubble wave towards the dance. Mickey is paired up with Mario Mousedrette (. When Chip and Dale have a roommate squabble, they ask the Happy Helpers to find them each a new home. At the first "Pit Stop and Go" rally that is attended by Gordon Gear and Danni Sue, pit crews compete against each other to see who is the fastest and most efficient pit crew while avoiding obstacles in the race. The Happy Helpers visit Cuckoo La-La when she unveils her latest fashion collection presented by the rest of Cuckoo Loca's cousins Cuckoo Monet the painter, Cuckoo Angela the sculptor, Cuckoo E. Claire the baker and Cuckoo Carmen the opera singer. This turns the dinner party into a. Pluto becomes upset with a stowaway pup named Phoebe that Mickey unknowingly brings to the garage. Rate. This leads to Minnie, Daisy, Cuckoo Loca, and Pete working to catch the ghosts before the Halloween Party.

The Happy Helpers try to capture a gorilla that is loose in Clarbelle's house. Mickey accidentally turns his roadster into a monster truck. Subtitles English [CC] Audio languages English. Mickey and Minnie's day at the beach turns into crabby chaos when Chip and Dale mistakenly swipe a hermit crab's shell, unaware that the shell is the crab's home sweet home. Chip and Dale try to save a fireworks show after cloudy skies threaten to ruin a show for Mickey's birthday.

Mickey and the gang renovate a rundown farm.

Pete thinks he sees a legendary creature known as the ‘Scronchasaur’ in Hot Dog Hills Lake, so Mr. Bigby puts up a prize for the first person to snap its picture. Goofy invents the fuel that makes the roadsters go faster. Goofy is mistaken for the secret agent Chauncey Chips (. Though there is some interference by a groundhog. However, Commander Heist steals it and they must get it back before he gets away with it.

The Happy Helpers try to capture a gorilla that is loose in Clarbelle's house.Watch Mickey and the Roadster Racers on Disney Junior and in the DisneyNOW app!Gear up and go to Hot Dog Hills with Mickey and the gang in this all-new Disney Junior series!

Mickey Mouse takes a day off from his garage and brings Pluto with him. Unfortunately, Chip and Dale tamper with the controls causing all the roadsters to come out with different parts with comical outcomes. They get into some antics along the way which includes ending up losing the hoop that El Toro Pete's bull jumps through. Rate.

Goofy grows a hot dog tree with the help of Pete and his potent fertilizer. It's Susie Beagleman's birthday and the Happy Helpers must prepare a birthday cake for her birthday party that Mrs. Beagleman wants delivered by the time the Amazing Goofini is done with his magic tricks. He pairs up with Mickey, Elray Thunderboom pairs up with Goofy, Susie Beagleman pairs up with Donald, Millie pairs up with Minnie and Melody pairs up with Daisy. It's April Fool's Day at Hot Dog Hills as Billy Beagle hosts a contest in Hot Dog Hills where the person who outdoes the other will win the April Fool's Day crown from Mayor McBeagle. He does attempts at the garage, Donald's lighthouse and Clara Cluck's farm. Now they must find the ukulele before the Ukulele Jam begins at sunset where they even receive help in rescuing it from a volcano from Team Pete.

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