This week—National Wildlife Refuge Week — is a great time to reflect on how much we all owe these wondrous lands and waters. This is an official Facebook page of the U.S. to request either printed or electronic copies. The DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge and the Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge are two of the most important ones.

The projects are also strengthening long-term relationships with local cities and partners.

Davenport and Iowa 12K likes. For access information please check on the refuge's web page or contact the refuge directly. Welcome to the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge page!
12,509 people follow this. Support conservation in Iowa by buying a natural resource plate for your vehicle. This Iowa wildlife refuge is comprised of 8,358 acres in Iowa and Nebraska and lies in the Missouri River Valley on the prehistoric floodplain of the Missouri River Valley, and draws more than a quarter million visitors annually. There are four other national sites, including the Driftless Area (775 This scenic tour encircles the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge (NWR). p: 515-725-8200 Fish and Wildlife Service launched a $100,000 challenge to help combat white-nose syndrome, a disease that has killed millions of hibernating bats in North America. They offer world-class recreation such as fishing and paddling. to Echo Valley State Park.

Iowa offers various hunting opportunities for the majority of game species.

All applications must be filed with the DNR using the Special Events web-based applications found at Here it's Iowa at a glance ti give you an idea When you look for a wildlife refuge in Iowa you will even find it among the 81 acres of beautifully-restored tall grass prairie at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library. Make your online reservation for state park cabins, camping sites, shelters and lodges.

Hunting Atlas - Interactive Map of Iowa's Public Hunting Lands The DNR's Wildlife Bureau manages over 390,000 acres that are available for public recreational use every day of the year. once roamed these plains, that are now almost completely degraded save for pockets

Many refuges have specific visitor services and other recreation opportunity maps. Mid-October brings much to savor: crisp air, turning leaves and the sprouting of Halloween goblins on lawns. D=deer, T=turkey, S=squirrel, P=pheasant, G=grouse, W=waterfowl, R=rabbit, Q=quail, Dv=dove, 0.5 mile W of Aredale on C23, 1 mile S on Franklin Ave, 1,305 acres;

Today, more than 370 refuges are open to the public for hunting. Today, more than 370 refuges are open to the public for hunting.

Access through Gilbertson Conservation Area, 3 miles N of Floyd on Hwy 218, 1 mile W on 130th St, 3 miles N of Floyd on Hwy 218, 1 mile E on 130th, 1.5 miles N on Quail Ave, 1 mile N of Hampton on Hwy 65, 1.5 miles W on C31, 2 miles W of Dumont on Hwy 3, 4 miles N on Franklin Ave, 1 mile W on 190th St, 2 miles S of Dows on S13, 0.5 mile S on Apricot Ave, 3 miles S of Bartlett on L31, 1.5 miles W, 0.5 mile W of Bartlett on J10, 0.25 mile N on L31, 79 acres; 4/5 Loess Hills forest, 1/5 prairie ridges. Draft documents are available from the refuge office at Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge.

Recommended! All of these areas are managed with revenues from the sale of hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses that are purchased by resident and non-residents. The Friends of Neal Smith volunteer program is an active and vital part of Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge.

Contact Information by County.

These state revenues are supplemented with Federal Sport Fish & Wildlife Restoration funding from the U.S. Access from NW parking areas in State Park, 2.5 miles SE of Fayette on C24, 1.5 miles E on Grannis Rd, 302 acres; 3/4 Prairie, 1/4 Timber, Turkey River corridor, 1 mile N of Elgin.

Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge, Prairie City, Iowa. Destinations • North America • United States • Iowa • Iowa Wildlife Refuge. The refuge was established with the mission to restore the native Iowa tall grass prairie and oak savanna habitats.

Mon - Fri, 8:00am - 4:30pm CST Create New Account. acres quite near Effigy Hunting on U.S.

Log In. Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge’s tallgrass prairie is home to a wide diversity of prairie wildlife, including mammals, birds, and insects. You can thrill to the heart-pounding excitement of nature, delight in the peace of the outdoors, and work up a sweat as you help make your lands shine. Fish and Wildlife Service has been making a home for monarchs and species of the wider prairie ecosystem for decades, improving overall prairie health.

Established Rediscover your nature at a national wildlife refuge October 13-19. The above map is for general location information only and does not imply access.

Behold the beast!

Portions of these areas may be designated as refuge and restrictions are placed on certain uses that may interfere with management goals and objectives. an Iowa wildlife refuge in several locations across the state. Credit: Melissa A. Clark/USFWS, Monarch butterfly on blazing star. in 1990 and located only eighteen miles east of Des National Wildlife Refuge System The National Wildlife Refuge System, within the U.S.

Learn More about the Monito Gecko »Learn More about the Monito Gecko »». No Parking Facilities, 117 acres;                    3/4 Upland, 1/4 Wetlands, Customer Service: 515-725-8200 | Iowa DNR Headquarters Wallace State Office Building | 502 East 9th Street, 4th Floor | Des Moines, IA 50319-0034, Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP), State Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Plan, Find a Public WMA by County (Listed Below),, 6 miles N of Greenfield on Hwy 25, 0.75 miles E on 180th St, 4.5 miles N of Corning on Hwy 148, 0.5 mile E on Hwy 951, 11.4 miles N of Waukon on Hwy 76, 5.8 miles E on A26, 0.8 mile N on X6A, E on gravel, 11.4 miles N of Waukon on Hwy 76, 2.5 miles E on A26, 0.2 mile N on English Bench Rd, 4.5 miles NE of Waukon on Hwy 9, 3 miles N on French Creek Rd, 3 miles N of Lansing on Hwy 26, 0.3 miles W on Spring Valley Rd, 1.4 miles S of Highlandville on A24, 3.5 miles E on A26, 2 miles S on W60, 263 acres;                   Timber, Grassland.

Experience Iowa's natural beauty and all the fun our state parks offer.

The national mammal can be found year-round in the Refuge's 800-acre enclosure.

and the Iowa Wetland Management Area that is part of Union Slough. 441 acres; 45% Bottomland Forest, 35% Wetland, 20% Grassland, SW of intersection of Hwy 2 and M16, 0.25 mile S of Hwy 2 on 390th Ave, 3.5 miles S on Bluff Rd (L44) from Hwy 2 intersection, 0.75 mile NE of Thurman on J18, 1.75 miles N, 3 miles E of Randolph on Hwy 184, 1.5 miles S, 3 miles W of Hamburg on 310th St, 1 mile S on 240th Ave, 0.5 mile W on 322nd St, 1,293 acres;                              River bottom wetlands & grassland, W on J64 at I-29 Hamburg exit, N on L40, W on 290th St, 0.5 mile W of Percival on J26, 1.25 miles N on L31, 3 miles S of Ralston on N58, 1 mile E on 240th St, 5 miles N of Jefferson on Hwy 4, 1 mile W on 160th St, 2 miles N of Panora on Hwy 4, 2.5 miles E on 190th St, 7.5 miles S of Coon Rapids on N46, 0.5 mile E on 165th St, 0.5 mile SW of Panora on Soldier Trail, 1 mile S on Toy Lane, 6 miles S of Panora on P28, 0.5 mile E on 268th St, 1 mile N on Winding Trail, 2.5 miles W of Bayard on 141, 0.5 mile S on Hickory Ave, 5 miles W of Guthrie Center on Hwy 44, 1 mile N on Indigo Ave, 8 miles NE of Guthrie Center, adjoins State Park, 2.5 miles S of Webster City on R27, 1 mile W on 260th, 1 mile S on Fowler Ave, 1 mile W on 270th St, 4 miles W of Garner on Hwy 18, 3.5 miles N on R44, 2 miles W on 270th St, 2.5 miles E of Britt on Hwy 18, 2 miles N on Lake Ave, 1 mile S of Crystal Lake, 1 mile E on B16, 3 miles E of Goodell on B63, 1 mile N on R66, 1.5 miles E of Woden on R35, S on Ford Ave, 5 miles S of Garner on Hwy 69, 0.25 mile W on 180th St, 5 miles S of Blencoe on K45, 1 mile W on 120th St, 2 miles N of Hwy 30 on Fremont, 3 miles E on 295th, I-29 Modale exit, E to Garland Ave, N to 260th St, 1 mile W, I-29 Mondamin exit, E to Austin Ave, S to Detroit Ln, 0.5 mile W, 3 miles W of I-29 Missouri Valley exit on Hwy 30, 3 miles S on Grover Ave, N of Mondamin, 2 miles N of Hwy 127 on K45, N of Missouri Valley, N of I-29 on E side of rest area, SW of Mondamin, 0.25 mile W of I-29 on Hwy 127, 5.1 miles S on Cody Ave, Access by Missouri River only; 1/4 mile upstream from Little Sioux Access boat ramp, Access by Missouri River only; 2 miles downstream from Little Sioux Access boat ramp, 1 mile S of Cresco on V58, 0.6 mile E on Kings Rd, 2 miles E of Gilmore City on Hwy 3, 3 miles N on Delaware, 0.5 mile W on C29, 4 miles N of Humboldt on Hwy 169, 5 miles W on C26, 1.5 miles N on Georgia Ave, 1 mile W on 155th St, 3 miles W of Eagle Grove on C54, 2 miles N on Zenia Ave, 1 mile W of Marengo on Hwy 212, 0.5 mile N on KK Ave, 1 mile W on 138th, 1.5 miles N of Koszta on F Ave, 1 mile W on 108th St, 3 miles S of Belle Plaine on Hwy 21, 2 miles E on Hwy 22, 1 mile E of Preston on 17th St, 0.5 mile S on 450th Ave, 6 miles N of Sabula on Hwy 52, E on Green Island Rd, 12 miles N of Maquoketa on Hwy 61, 3 miles W on D61, 2 miles N on 140th Ave, 0.5 mile W on 120th Ave, 0.5 mile S on 267th St, 2 miles W of Bellevue on D61, 2 miles S on 216th St, 1-80 exit 155, 0.25 mile S, 1 mile E on Orchard Ave, 1 mile S of Kellogg on Hwy 224, 1 mile E on Hwy 6, 3 miles N of Kellogg on Hwy 224, 3 miles E on F27, 2 miles S of Swisher on Hwy 965, 7 miles W on Amana Rd, 0.75 mile E of Swisher on F12, 2.5 miles S on Hwy 965, 0.5 mile W on Amana Rd OR 2 miles N of North Liberty on Hwy 965, 1.5 miles W on Swan Lake Rd, 4 miles SW of Iowa City on Hwy 1, 3.5 miles W on Black Diamond Rd, 2 miles N of North Liberty on Hwy 965, 2.5 miles W on Swan Lake Rd, 1 mile W of Cascade, 5 miles S on Butterfield Rd, 0.5 mile S of Olin on Hwy 38, 3.5 miles W on 35th St, 0.25 mile N on 170th Ave, 561 acres; 3/4 Grassland, 1/4 Timber/Wetlands. These herds usually number 70-90 animals. Another wildlife refuge in Iowa that protects the tall grass prairie is Broken

All Rights Reserved The 101 urban refuges in the National Wildlife Refuge System expand access to nature to the 80 percent of Americans who live in or near cities. People are banning Iowa because of U.S. Rep Steve King's recent controversial comments. Fish and Wildlife Service. The deadline to submit ideas to the White-nose Syndrome Challenge is Dec. 31, 2019, by 11:59 p.m. Credit: USFWS, The winning 2019 Federal Duck Stamp art, an acrylic painting of a black-bellied whistling-duck pair by Alabama artist Eddie LeRoy. Only basic public use facilities such as parking lots and boats ramps are provided. Various, E of Spirit Lake on Hwy 9/71, E of Arnolds Park on A31, 4 miles NE of Orleans on Hwy 327/M56, 0.5 mile W on 100th St, 2.5 miles W of Spirit Lake on Hwy 9, 2 miles N on Hwy 86, 0.5 mile E on 130th St, 2 miles N of Wahpeton on Hwy 86, 0.5 mile W on 160th, 2 miles E of Lake Park on Hwy 9, 3 miles S on M34, 2 miles W of Luxemburg on Hwy 3, 1.5 miles N on White Pine Lane, 2.5 miles S of Farley on N Pleasant Grove Rd, 0.5 mile E on Davidshofer Rd, 1 mile W of Estherville on Hwy 9, 2 miles N on 360th Ave, 7 miles W of Armstrong on Hwy 9, 6 miles N on N52, 3 miles W on A13, 3 miles E of Wallingford on A34, 2 miles S on 430th Ave, 1 mile S of Estherville on Hwy 4, 3 miles W on 190th St, 5 miles N of Estherville on Hwy 4, 0.5 mile W on 110th St, 2 miles S of Armstrong on Hwy 15, 1.5 miles E on 200th St, 6 miles W of Armstrong on Hwy 9, 1.5 miles S on 500th, 3 miles W of Estherville on Hwy 9, 1.5 miles S on 340th, 2 miles E of Estherville on Hwy 9, 5 miles N on N32, 1 mile E on 120th St, 7 miles N of Armstrong on Hwy 15, 0.5 mile W on 110th St, 7 miles N of Armstrong on Hwy 15, 0.75 mile E on A16, 4 miles E of Estherville on Hwy 9, 2.5 miles S on 430th, 7 miles W of Armstrong on Hwy 9, 6 miles N on N52, 2 miles E on A13, 2 miles S of Wallingford on Hwy 4, 4 miles W on 250th St, 4.5 miles E of Estherville on Hwy 9, 4 miles S on N40, 1.5 miles E on A33, 0.5 mile N on 200th, 186 acres; 3/4 upland, 1/4 trout stream corridor, 1.5 miles SE of West Union on Echo Valley Rd.

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