Website designed by Other major stars from Andromeda include: Almach; δ Andromedae; Adhil; μ Andromedae; Where Is Andromeda in the Sky? Andromeda was chained to a rock as a sacrifice to the sea monster Cetus. She was saved by Perseus when he turned Cetus to stone by using the dismembered head of the gorgon Medusa. Andromeda is the 19th biggest star constellation in the night sky, occupying an area of 722 square degrees., and is located in the northern sky. The eyes of all Andromedans are slightly larger than those of Earth humans. including M32 and M110. © 2020 Debbie Solaris. In the story, it was the goddess Athena who commemorated princess Andromeda by placing her image among the stars, next to the constellations representing her husband Perseus and her mother Cassiopeia. Space Exploration | Space Games | Space Gallery | Space Links, Visit Us on Facebook | Follow Us on Twitter. Only marginally dimmer than Alpha, Beta Andromedae is a red giant, its color visible to the naked eye. Its brightest star, Alpha Andromedae, is a binary star that has also been counted as a part of Pegasus, while Gamma Andromedae is a colorful binary and a popular target for amateur astronomers. Andromeda is one of the biggest constellations and the 19th largest in the sky.

Their heads are slightly larger as well. The constellation Andromeda. The lips are thin and colored almost a light pink, while the ears are fitted slightly lower on the side of the head and are slightly smaller in size. Messier Album | The Solar System | The Constellations | Celestial Objects There are no meteor showers associated with Cepheus. here. It may be that the Sumerian winged beings depicted on their reliefs may actually be representations of these Andromedan beings.

The constellation Andromeda showing common, M31, the Andromeda Galaxy.

Regarding starseeds on Earth, there are less Andromedan souls incarnated here than beings from other star systems in our Milky Way Galaxy, with the exception of perhaps Arcturian starseeds who are also small in numbers. It is thought that the beings from the Cassiopeian system interacted with them approximately 2.5 million years ago. In Greek mythology, Andromeda was the daughter of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia. Unlike Sirian and Pleiadian genetics, Andromedan genetics are not as prevalent in Earth humans, with the exception of maybe some groups in Southeast Asia and the UK, so this likely has some bearing on why there are fewer Andromedan souls incarnated on Earth than from other star groups. In the Andromeda constellation, there are at least 28 different races of beings, some are humanoid and some are not. While these refugees were hiding out in Cassiopeia, there were cat beings in the Cassiopeian system that assisted them and recommended that they make their new home and settlements in the Andromeda constellation. The life forms in Andromeda include humanoids, plants, animals, insects, and also etheric and plasmic conscious life forms. It is a Red giant located approximately 200 light years from Earth. For more information including contact details, It is located in the first quadrant of the northern hemisphere (NQ1) and can be seen at latitudes between +90° and -40°. Home Your Sky Constellations List Andromeda. It is so close and so large that is fills an area of the sky equal to four full moons side-by-side. They usually wear the traditional multicolored Galactic Federation jumpsuits. Latitude: The vibration and frequency on Andromeda was also very different than that of Lyra, so there were additional color spectrums that affected the humanoids that lived there. It is said that these beings had been invited by the Guardian Archangels of Earth to participate in our progression and that they come to our solar system on the wings of the Archangels who are the gatekeepers to Earth. This is a gigantic spiral galaxy much larger than our own Milky Way.

THE ANDROMEDAN CIVILIZATION AND GALACTIC HISTORY. To search this site, type your search word(s) in the

Milky Way. Andromeda is a large northern constellation, visible in the months around They welcomed the Andromedans, who requested setting up a few outposts around the globe and within the inner Earth. Poseidon had sent a sea monster – sometimes associated with the The Andromedan humanoid races revered the universal law of free will and freedom so much, they did not want to interfere that much with Earth human evolution, so they’ve maintain a mostly “hands-off” approach to handling the affairs on planet Earth. . Our privacy policy is It was named after the mythical princess Andromeda, the wife of the Greek hero Perseus, and is sometimes referred to as the Chained Maiden, Persea (wife of Perseus), or Cepheis (daughter of Cepheus). It is positioned between the latitudes +90° and -10°. Millions of years ago the Andromedans visited Earth during the time when the Sirians had established themselves in colonies throughout the planet. She was chained to a rock as a sacrifice, after the god Andromedan women are renown for being the most beautiful in the Galaxy, as they are known for their alluring energies and their shapely figures. Andromedan women will never compromise their free will and freedom, to the point where they would rather die than be subjugated to the restrictions and control of a patriarchal society. It can be seen and in the southern hemisphere in November. exclusively to Andromeda, and the designation δ–Peg is defunct. Almach is the third brightest star with a magnitude of 2.26.

It has an apparent magnitude of 1.35 and lies at a distance of 79.3 light years, or 24.3 parsecs, from Earth. box below and click the search button: Home Page | Explore the The Sea | Explore the The Sky, Space News | Astronomy Resources | Astronomy Events Calendar Andromeda is one of the original 48 constellations listed by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the second century. Andromeda Constellation Stars. M31, the famous Andromeda Galaxy, dominates the sky here. There are also 7-9 foot tall winged humanoids existing in higher dimensions. It is a northern hemisphere constellation running eastward from the Square of Pegasus. The hands and the feet are delicate in appearance with long fingers and toes, and their arms and legs are also long and thin. Content from this Website may not be used in any form without written permission from the site owner. One of the stars of the Square of Pegasus has being added to the Andromeda constellation becoming its brightest star. The constellation Andromeda, Princess of Ethiopia, is visible in the northern hemisphere from August through January. The etheric winged beings from Andromeda, however, have been somewhat involved with Earth since our first life formed and with humans at various stages of our development. Today it is assigned Many of them work in computer and technical fields and quite a few choose to be doctors or scientists. It is quite easy to locate especially once the big square of Pegasus is found, with the eastern end of the constellation is quite near the Milky Way.

Star 42 has 27 planets around the binary stars. After the Lyran-Draconian Wars, quite a few of the Lyran humans who escaped the wars wandered in our galaxy for quite a while, as they were hunted and pursued by the Draconians beings who destroyed their planets. Today it is assigned exclusively to Andromeda, and the designation δ–Peg is defunct. They were basically living on craft and having to move constantly all the time, looking for a place that was safe.

Freedom is a key word and a mantra for Andromedan women and even the Andromedan female starseeds on Earth. Please email or contact me or any personal inquiries. We know them as "star 42" and "star 44".

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