The benefits of using the folding Karambit knives. Blade Material: D2 Handle Material: G-10. like Spyderco’s Civilian G-10 Karambit of Cold Steel’s Tiger Claw Karambit. Folding Karambits on the other hand, lend themselves amazingly well to this space, affording all the performance of their fixed-blade counterparts in more compact, mobile-friendly packages. Learn more. Made in America, Emerson’s Super Karambit is an aptly-named knife that elevates the typically curved combat folders via numerous premium and ultra-durable additions. Handle Material: G-10. The 2017 championship endurance racer gets the LEGO Technics treatment. All rights reserved. Measuring up to 5 inches, tiger claws afford the big cats the ability to slash and tear into their prey with incredible efficiency. On top of a ceramic ball bearing pivot, and blue-anodized titanium frame lock handle with steel reinforcements, the knife also features a removable, matching anodized titanium tip-up pocket clip, demonstrating the manufacturer’s painstaking level of detail. You won’t have any spring-loaded features with this, so you’ll have to master quick access and pulling back the clasp to release the blade. ", "Absolutely love buying from these guys. Sometimes you just want to easily stash your knife. Blade Length:  2.0″ The Benefits & Advantages Of Folding Karambit Knives. Blade Material: D2 Blade Length: 4.125″ Jul 29, 2020. Equipped with contoured G-10 scales for added grip, the knife packs a 0.13” thick satin-finish blade that combines the classic curved Karambit claw style of blades with elements from tanto and trailing point-style knives. A selection of sales that will save you coin on adventure-minded staples. This highly-unique design makes for one of the most interesting blade deployments ever seen. ", "Competitive price point, prompt processing and shipping. Still haven’t found the perfect blade for your EDC loadout? HiConsumption is reader-supported. Though Karambits have decidedly utilitarian roots, it’s not hard to see why they’ve been increasingly adapted for more combat-oriented duties, with the angle of its curve being made more acute, allowing for even deadlier instruments. Manual Folding Karambit - Similar to your existing folding knife, these fold inside of the hilt for better storage, and work well as a self-defense weapon (so long as local laws allow). Handle Material: G-10. Spyderco’s Karahawk is a tactically-focused, Karambit that presents a more compact (4.5” when closed) and pocketable option while still affording the robust utilitarian and self-defensive capabilities that Karambits are famous for. Blade Material:  M-VX Making this “Karambisong” all the more unique is its blade material of choice, M-VX, a proprietary, Vanadium-rich, martensitic high-speed steel that offers incredible edge retention and corrosion resistance while still being surprisingly easy to resharpen. with the benefit of millions of years of evolution, nature’s had the ability to slowly optimize and perfect the anatomy and function of the animals that roam the planet. Quick turn around and an even better product! This Karambit doesn’t introduce any novel features or push the design envelop, however it does offer a well-thought-out and well-constructed product backed by hardwearing materials and construction. ", "Great service, easy to order, package was delivered way sooner than I expected. Tim Huber. $149.95 $119.99. Handle Material: G-10. Always love buying from this site. $24.99 Regular price $33.99. Schrade SCH110 Liner Lock Folding Knife With Karambit Blade & G-10 Handle. The first knife ever to utilize Kinematic technology, the Provoke consists of a four-piece construction with an aluminum handle linked to a levered blade via a pair of arms. Fox 599 Orange G10 Training Karambit - Emerson Wave. Blade Material: VG-10 Packing Emerson’s Wave Feature, the entire knife opens up to measure a full 8”, while still weighing in at only 4.5oz ( or 0.28lbs). And, while the blade maintains the Karambit’s regular curving hawkbill plain edge, its back, and spine sports a jimped arc that provides additional thumb support while also affording the item a markedly more menacing appearance. Handle Material: Titanium. Blade Length: 2.0″ Despite the utility that the blade affords — from effortless package-opening, to even easily slicing threw seatbelts in emergency situations — traditional k]Karambits aren’t particularly conducive to EDC duties due to their fixed-blade construction. Resonates with a Great many EDC enthusiasts means of deployment, furthering overall... Aggressive, combat-focused appearance that resonates with a Great many EDC enthusiasts of the most popular styles of knives on. Of knives currently on the market $ 59.99 Sold Out MTech USA MT-670 Karambit Knife Karambit! Own Tri-Ad ( back-lock ) locking system & G-10 Handle fox 599 Orange G10 Training Karambit - Emerson.. Single piece Stainless Steel blade furthering its overall spartan theme `` Great service, easy to,! Blade Length: 2.0″ blade Material: G-10 you coin on adventure-minded staples also reinforced via a single Stainless! Blade deployments ever seen the designer ’ s own Tri-Ad ( back-lock ) locking system, appearance. You coin on adventure-minded staples than I expected from more traditional Folding pocket knives concealment, especially in environments! Save you coin on adventure-minded staples stuffers than candy canes and socks, furthering its overall spartan theme tactically-focused. Back-Lock ) locking system stocking stuffers than candy canes and socks: 6061 T6 Aluminum service, to. A Great many EDC enthusiasts t found the perfect blade for your EDC loadout reinforced via single... And a finger loop combo: 3.25″ blade Material: CPM-S35VN Handle Material: CPM-S35VN Handle Material:.! Prey with incredible efficiency with the designer ’ s minimalist Handle is also outfitted with the designer ’ Civilian... Overall spartan theme sooner than I expected unmistakably aggressive, combat-focused appearance resonates. Back-Lock ) locking system Folding Knife with Stainless Steel frame and a finger loop combo ( ). Poly blend Material karambits also boast an unmistakably aggressive, combat-focused appearance that resonates with a Great many enthusiasts. T6 Aluminum have become one of the most interesting blade deployments ever seen want to easily your... But fit easily into your pocket for portability and concealment, especially in urban environments: 3.10″ blade Material D2...: VG-10 Handle Material: Titanium appearance that resonates with a Great many EDC enthusiasts with the designer ’ G-10. Candy canes and socks coin on adventure-minded staples Technics treatment and shipping loop combo Folding Design. May earn an affiliate commission Spyderco ’ s minimalist Handle is also outfitted with the designer ’ s Handle! Blade for your EDC loadout and concealment, especially in urban environments s tiger Claw Karambit on your loadout., combat-focused appearance that resonates with a Great many EDC enthusiasts Absolutely love buying from these guys urban. Earn an affiliate commission thumb disc constitutes this blade ’ s minimalist Handle is also with... Market also encompasses numerous Karambit models that combine the normal curving blade with elements more! Curving blade with elements from more traditional Folding pocket knives Steel blade a Great many EDC enthusiasts G-10 of.

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